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Streamline your projects

Speed up development, increase functionality, improve quality and respond more quickly to changing requirements.
How? By using Foundation to generate your business objects, take care of the data access and give the extra functionality developers need to quickly and easily create systems and applications.
Install and run Foundation, point it at your database, tell it where to place the generated code and press a button. Within seconds you have a WinForm and/or WebForm project with business objects ready for you to hook-up your controls to.
However you keep the ability to customise the generated objects, and you keep those customisations when you re-generate.
You also get plenty of extra functionality that makes writing systems and applications far quicker and easier.
Download the Free/Trial Version
Click here to download.
This version has just one restriction: you can generate against at most twenty database tables. However if you have more than twenty tables you can choose which to generate against. You can generate against as many database views as you like.

Download the Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base is included in the Free/Trial version above; however if you just want to view the documentation then click here to download.
Supported Platforms
Currently Microsoft Sql Server 2000 and 2005 are supported, although support for other database platforms will be added upon request. Foundation requires version 2.0 or later of the Microsoft .Net Framework.
Foundation automatically takes care of loading, saving and validating, and offers a very simple method for developers to hook into this functionality and customise it to their requirements.
Foundation has sophisticated support for deleting, cloning and migrating data, taking the workload away from the developer.
Many other tasks involved in writing systems and applications are either simplified or taken care of for you.
The classes are designed in such a way that functionality can be added using partial classes, and also the generated properties can be overridden in those partial classes. Therefore your customisations are retained when regenerating the code.
Using the intuitive Foundation WinForm front-end the developer is able to produce the business objects within seconds. Many things, including the names of the generated objects and properties, can very easily be customised, and those customisations can be saved to an Xml file for re-use and storage in source control. Changes to the database can be instantly generated into the business objects.
There's only one restriction to the database design: if data is to be saved to a table then it must have a primary key. Therefore you can use Foundation with your existing databases as well as new ones.
Deployment couldn't be simpler; Foundation doesn't need any stored procedures to be deployed and maintained on the database server.
Performance is very impressive. Take for example the Sales.SalesOrderHeader table in the Microsoft sample AdventureWorks database. It has 18 local properties plus 9 foreign key references. To load the entire table and create a collection of over 30,000 generated objects takes well under 3 seconds on a desktop PC.
Deferred loading gives applications far greater responsiveness; objects are only loaded if and when they're needed. In addition the developer can choose to load only specific properties for objects.
The ability to generate objects based upon database views, as well as tables, gives another level of possibility. Streamline your applications by flattening and/or aggregating the data on the database server; the performance benefits can be stunning.

The Bottom Line
Foundation is very successfully bringing its many benefits to commercial projects; contact us to see how it can benefit yours.

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